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What I like


Brands, Brands & Brands. What is a brand? How does it work? How do I build one? What is the difference between marketing and branding? And where do positioning and visual identity fit in? I love to think and talk about this. And I'm on a quest to get more data en fewer opinions out there on the topic of branding. More testimony less bollocks. Science has progressed, but the industry is lagging behind. Let's change that.

Neurotech for Marketing

In my conquest to understand what brands are all about, I ended up co-founding a company that uses neuro tech for marketing purposes.
What that means? We measure subconscious responses to see how people really feel about an Ad or a Product. Data points. Not points of view. Helping companies make better decisions. Find more here.


I snap photos as SirConrads. I love to shoot and edit and work on images.  It feels like a frozen slice of time. I like to create the best version of that moment. Catching eternity and reliving that single moment. I have a soft spot for black and white. I don't work on assignments, but I am always up for a beautiful project to work on. I prefer to shoot portraits. If you're up for some snaps, click here.     



I love Brands. And I am driven by work where NeuroTech, Machine Learning & Brands meet.

I have a 20+ year track record in digital and branding environments. Including award-winning campaigns, which doesn't count for much in AdLand. 

So let's talk about brands, associations, cognition, neuro metrics, visual computing, and how to advance marketing.

More data points, fewer points of view.

Love cooking Italian food, collecting books, baking pancakes with my daughter, playing vinyl jazz records, photography and lots of Coffee.


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